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Adam Cole : était-il possible qu’il fasse son retour à la WWE ?

Was there a chance Adam Cole would have returned to WWE?

Welcome to the Weekly Wrestling Rumor Round-Up, where we revisit the rumors from six months ago and see which ones turned out to be true. Get ready for some juicy insider info and see if your favorite wrestling rumors panned out!

**CM Punk’s Return to AEW**
After CM Punk’s outburst at All Out 2022, there were rumors that several AEW wrestlers would leave if he was allowed back. However, it seems that tensions have cooled off since then, and no one ended up walking out. Wrestling fans were also speculating about potential opponents for Punk, but those rumors didn’t come to fruition.

**AEW vs. WWE**
Rumors were circulating about how AEW was affected by WWE’s decision to schedule NXT Battleground head-to-head against Double or Nothing. It seems that WWE’s strategy backfired, as NXT’s viewership was significantly down. This just goes to show that AEW’s popularity is on the rise.

**Superstar Updates**
There were speculations about wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, AJ Styles, and Andrade making changes to their wrestling styles and personal lives. While some of these rumors didn’t come true, others, like Drew McIntyre obtaining American citizenship, did end up happening.

**Behind the Scenes**
We also heard about the backstage drama at AEW, including wrestlers praised for working through injuries and being ready to return from injury soon. These behind-the-scenes glimpses give fans insight into the dedication and hard work of their favorite wrestlers.

**Vince McMahon’s Influence**
According to rumors, Vince McMahon was making changes backstage at WWE. However, other sources claimed that he was not as involved as initially thought. This gives wrestling enthusiasts a peek into the inner workings of the wrestling industry.

**Surprise Stipulations**
There were rumors about a stipulation for a highly anticipated match, but it turned out to be false. Wrestling fans have to wait a little longer to find out what that surprise stipulation might be.

**Contract Negotiations**
We also got some insight into contract negotiations and potential signings within the wrestling world. This kind of insider knowledge adds an extra layer to the excitement of following wrestling news.

Get ready for another round of sizzling wrestling rumors next week! Don’t miss out on the latest inside scoop from the world of wrestling.

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