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Dominik Mysterio : la transformation capillaire qui a surpris l’Undertaker

Dominik Mysterio On Growing A Mullet, Reaction By The Undertaker

Dirty Dominik Mysterio talks about his endorsed mullet

Dominik Mysterio, also known as “Dirty” Dominik, recently shared his pride in the mullet he has grown. According to the young Superstar, the mullet has been endorsed by none other than The Undertaker.

In a recent interview with “The West Sport,” Mysterio discussed the origins of his mullet and the seal of approval he received from The Undertaker. He explained that the idea came about from watching the late great Eddie Guerrero, and that he approached his father for his opinion a couple of years ago.

He mentioned that his father thought it would be cool if he could pull it off, and Dominik confidently stated that he could pull it off better than anyone else. Despite the awkward middle stages, he expressed pride in his mullet and revealed that The Undertaker even complimented him on it.

The Undertaker’s recent appearance and WWE NXT’s ratings

The Undertaker’s most recent appearance for WWE was on the October 10th episode of WWE NXT, which coincided with AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday. This episode of WWE NXT reached one of its highest-ever ratings, while Dynamite saw its lowest viewership in nearly two years.

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