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Drew Gulak réagit à l’accusation de Ronda Rousey.

Drew Gulak Gives His Side Of The Ronda Rousey Incident, Reaffirms That He Apologized When It Happened

Réponse de Drew Gulak

Former WWE superstar Ronda Rousey recently appeared on NewsNation to promote her new book, where she recounted an incident involving Drew Gulak. Rousey claimed that Gulak had behaved inappropriately by pulling on her sweatpants string as he walked past her, which angered her. She confronted him about it and he apologized, but she highlighted that this incident reflected a larger cultural issue within WWE, especially in light of recent allegations against Vince McMahon by Janel Grant.

Gulak has now responded to these accusations on social media. He stated that the incident was an accident and reiterated that he had already apologized to Rousey back in 2022.

According to Gulak, while backstage at a WWE event in 2022, he encountered Rousey in a group conversation in the hallway. When he went to shake her hand in greeting, he accidentally touched her drawstring. Recognizing his mistake, he promptly apologized for the unintended contact.

Déclaration de Drew Gulak

En coulisses lors d’un événement de la WWE en 2022, j’ai vu Ronda en train de discuter avec un groupe dans le couloir. Je me suis arrêté pour dire bonjour et serrer la main de tout le monde, et en voulant serrer la main de Ronda, j’ai accidentellement touché son cordon de pantalon. C’était une erreur complète, et je m’étais déjà excusé pour cet incident.

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