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Les 10 réalités difficiles pour les fans de Becky Lynch à réaliser

10 Harsh Realities Fans Of Becky Lynch Need To Realize

Harsh Realities of Becky Lynch’s WWE Career

Becky Lynch has been a prominent figure in WWE’s women’s division for many years, with numerous world titles and some memorable matches. However, there are some harsh realities about her career that even her most passionate fans should acknowledge. Let’s take a look at some of these truths.

10 Becky Lynch Was Crowned Too Early
– Although Lynch had immense talent, she wasn’t ready to be the first SmackDown Women’s Champion in 2016.
– Her reign was underwhelming and highlighted the fact that she still had areas to improve upon.

9 Charlotte Flair is WWE’s Preferred Star
– Despite being the most popular female wrestler, WWE has always seen Charlotte Flair as the bigger star.
– Lynch often played second fiddle to Flair, even during her peak popularity in 2018/2019.

8 Overrated Feud with Ronda Rousey
– Lynch’s feud with Ronda Rousey wasn’t as good as it’s often portrayed.
– WWE’s booking and plot points surrounding the feud were disappointing and diluted its potential.

7 Disappointing WrestleMania Main Event
– Lynch’s historic victory in the WrestleMania main event was underwhelming and came after a poor match.
– Even her most devoted fans should recognize the lackluster nature of the match.

6 “Becky Two-Belts” Hype Fell Flat
– WWE mishandled Lynch’s success after WrestleMania 35 and the “Becky Two-Belts” persona was underwhelming.
– Lynch’s dual title reigns were poorly executed and failed to capitalize on her historic achievement.

5 Lynch Buried Shayna Baszler
– Lynch’s feud with Baszler was a failure and resulted in Baszler being portrayed as weak.
– Baszler never recovered from her loss to Lynch, which her fans must acknowledge.

4 Becky Lynch Thrived as a Heel
– While Lynch’s “Man” persona was initially successful, her heel persona as “Big Time Becks” was even better.
– Lynch’s reign as a heel champion showcased her best matches and feuds.

3 Injury Elevated Lynch’s Status
– Lynch’s inadvertent injury at the hands of Nia Jax inadvertently elevated her popularity among fans.
– Without the injury, Lynch’s success might not have reached the same level.

2 On-Screen Relationship Damaged Seth Rollins’ Run
– Lynch’s on-screen relationship with Seth Rollins hurt his babyface run and affected his popularity with fans.
– The lack of chemistry between the real-life couple had negative implications for Rollins.

1 Recent Babyface Turn Has Fallen Short
– Lynch’s recent return as a babyface has failed to recapture the same spark she once had.
– Some fans argue that Lynch would be better suited to return to a heel persona.

Despite Becky Lynch’s undeniable success in WWE, there are some harsh truths that her fans must accept. From questionable title reigns to underwhelming feuds, Lynch’s career has had its fair share of disappointments, and it’s essential to acknowledge these realities.

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