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Mark Henry invite ceux qui menacent de démissionner à cause de CM Punk à le faire

Mark Henry - 'Anyone Threatening To Quit Over CM Punk Should Do It'

Mark Henry advice on CM Punk’s return to wrestling

Mark Henry, Hall of Famer WWE, addressed the reports of some wrestlers being unhappy about CM Punk’s return to wrestling. He stated that those who are threatening to leave because of Punk should go ahead and do it.

According to Henry, some people at the top of the WWE will not be happy about Punk’s return because they will have to give up their minutes. He mentioned that there are people who will take their ball and go home, but in the end, they always come back because they realize that the business is bigger than them. Henry also stated that the business will continue to roll with or without those who are not willing to acquiesce to the new addition to the company.

Response from WWE Talent

While there were reports of talent from AEW refusing to work with Punk, there have been no reports of WWE talent threatening to quit over Punk’s return to the company. This indicates that the response from WWE talent has been more positive compared to other wrestling organizations.

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