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Matt Riddle devait remporter le Money in the Bank 2022 selon ses dires

Matt Riddle was supposed to win 2022 WWE Money in the Bank Ladder match, 'believes' he was told he'd be winning Royal Rumble

Matt Riddle Reveals Insights About His Wrestling Career

Matt Riddle recently made a comeback to in-ring action after being released by WWE in September. During a virtual signing hosted by Signed By Superstars, he discussed various interesting aspects of his wrestling career, providing some fascinating insights into his experiences.

Riddle’s Missed Opportunities at WWE

Riddle disclosed that he was supposed to win the 2022 men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match, but the decision was unexpectedly changed, with Vince McMahon favoring Austin Theory, who secured the victory in the match. Riddle also mentioned that he believed he was informed of winning the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble and even shared details about Brock Lesnar’s attitude regarding the match outcome.

Furthermore, Riddle expressed his desire to conclude unfinished storylines with Randy Orton and Butch (Pete Dunne as The Broserweights), firmly believing that a reunion with Orton is inevitable in the future.

Rumors and Speculations About Former WWE Plans

Riddle avoided revealing specific details about the plans for him and Orton prior to his release from WWE, hinting at a potential heel turn in their storyline. He emphasized the likelihood of returning to WWE and potentially revisiting this narrative.

Additionally, Riddle praised his opponent, Jacob Fatu, following their first post-WWE match, acknowledging him as one of the most talented wrestlers from The Bloodline family.

Upcoming Matches and Future Plans at NJPW

Despite the setbacks, Riddle is looking forward to embarking on new ventures in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, hinting at an upcoming tag team match and expressing his anticipation for the event.

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