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Mick Foley se souvient de sa confrontation avec Vince McMahon lors de la dernière promo de Raw – TJR Wrestling“Les tensions entre Mick Foley et Vince McMahon révélées lors de la dernière promo de Raw – TJR Wrestling”

Mick Foley Reflects On His Final Promo As Raw General Manager

**Mick Foley Reflects On Clashing With Vince McMahon Over Last Raw GM Promo**

Mick Foley sheds light on creative process and drama behind his departure as GM

During an exclusive interview in December 2019 with Inside the Ropes, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed the details of his final days as Raw General Manager in 2017. Foley expressed his desire for a fitting conclusion to his role, explaining that he wanted a proper firing. He felt that the firing itself was well done, and highlighted the week before as one of the best things he had done in the last decade.

After coming to a crossroads in the story, Foley sought to bring more depth to the narrative by proposing changes to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. However, his suggestions were met with resistance. Despite his efforts to convince McMahon that adding a layer of complexity to the storyline would generate more heat, Foley’s ideas were not well received.

Collaborating with Stephanie McMahon for a spontaneous backstage promo

Stephanie McMahon took matters into her own hands and worked with Foley to create a spontaneous backstage promo that injected realism and intensity into the storyline. The unexpected collaboration resulted in a promo that was well-received and led to Vince McMahon ultimately supporting their vision.

This pivotal episode marked the end of Foley’s tenure as Raw General Manager. He was relieved of his duties by Stephanie McMahon on March 20, 2017, making way for Kurt Angle to take on the role.

Mick Foley updates fans on his health and scrapped match plans

In a recent update, Mick Foley reassured fans that he was feeling good despite recent concussion issues. He also mentioned plans for a comeback for one final match, which were unfortunately cancelled.

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