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Par David Marques

Last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite featured a confrontation between two wrestling talents, MJF and Jay White, and The Bang Bang Gang (The Gunns & Juice Robinson). This encounter came after the group attacked MJF and stole his world championship title. Seeking revenge, MJF has challenged White to a match at the upcoming Full Gear pay-per-view.

The Controversial Promo

However, it was Juice Robinson’s promo during the show that caused quite a stir. Robinson revealed a roll of quarters with MJF’s name on them, referencing a story MJF had shared multiple times about being bullied due to his Jewish heritage. According to the story, his bullies would throw quarters at him and use derogatory slurs.

This segment received significant attention, especially considering the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. While the segment was approved by MJF, it faced backlash online due to the timing of the conflict. MJF took to social media to address the criticism and clarify his intentions.

Using Wrestling as a Platform

In his social media post, MJF acknowledged that he is, in fact, Jewish and expressed his desire to use professional wrestling as a means to initiate difficult conversations about the complex subject of oppression. He assured his followers that Robinson would face consequences for his actions, and MJF would reclaim the AEW World Championship.

MJF emphasized that his real-life experiences have shaped his perspective and storytelling in the wrestling world. He aims to bring catharsis to those who have faced oppression or bullying, utilizing wrestling as a platform to raise awareness and promote education.

He believes that professional wrestling can be a vehicle for challenging injustices and combating discrimination. MJF is committed to using his position in the sport to stand up against oppression and any form of discrimination based on differences.

A Vision for the Future

MJF looks forward to the conversations and discussions sparked by his storyline and hopes that it will further educate people. He is dedicated to ensuring that professional wrestling evolves with the times and becomes a relevant and progressive force.

Ultimately, MJF intends to settle the score in the ring, vowing to knock Juice Robinson’s teeth down his throat and reclaim what is rightfully his – the coveted Triple B (AEW World Championship).

It is clear that MJF’s personal experiences and his commitment to addressing bullying and discrimination inform his approach as a wrestler. He seeks to provide a cathartic experience for those who have endured similar hardships and is determined to make a positive impact within the professional wrestling industry.

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