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Stardom’s Giulia réagit aux rapports d’intérêt de la WWE; Une ancienne star de la WWE évoque une possible retraite

Stardom's Giulia comments on reports of WWE interest; Former WWE star teases possible retirement

Stardom’s Giulia talks about WWE rumors

Giulia from Stardom recently sat down for an interview with Tokyo Sports where she addressed rumors about her potential move to WWE and the company’s interest in signing her.

During the interview, Giulia stated, “This is the first time I’ve been asked this directly in an interview. What can I say…Giulia has grown up too (lol). But, I still have things left to do in Japan.”

Former WWE star hints at retirement

Tenille Dashwood, also known as Emma during her time in WWE, posted a video on Instagram that has fans speculating about a possible retirement from pro wrestling.

In the video, she mentioned, “2023 was filled with highs and lows… The man of my dreams proposed to me, and I lost my dream job at the company where we first met. While I’m not sure if I’ll ever wrestle again… I am sure that I’ll turn this into a positive. No restrictions, no putting things on the back burner. Time to follow my heart.”

Tenille Dashwood was released from WWE last September along with her fiance’ Michael Carter Rallis (Riddick Moss) following Endeavor’s acquisition of the company. Before returning to WWE, Dashwood also spent time in Ring of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Dashwood and Mike Rallis to discuss the launch of their new YouTube show that follows the couple as they travel around the world.

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