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Suspension indéfinie de Draymond Green de la NBA, les fans réclament son entrée dans la WWE

NBA Suspends Draymond Green Indefinitely, Fans Calling For Him to Join WWE

Draymond Green Suspended Indefinitely from the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green, player for the Golden State Warriors, has been indefinitely suspended by the NBA due to a history of unsportsmanlike behavior. This suspension comes after an incident where he struck an opponent in the face during a game against the Phoenix Suns. His suspension is effective immediately and it is unclear how long it will last, as the league wants to send a strong message regarding his aggressive style of play.

Green had previously received a five-game ban for another unsportsmanlike act just last month, and this recent suspension suggests that he may be out for the remainder of the season.

Speculation about WWE’s Interest in Draymond Green

Fans on social media have been speculating about the potential for Draymond Green to transition into professional wrestling, particularly WWE, due to his aggressive style of play in basketball. Some WWE figures and officials have also hinted at the possibility of Green joining the wrestling industry, with WWE Fox even tweeting a photo of him holding a WWE Championship belt.

There is potential for WWE to reach out to Green, as the wrestling industry has a history of working with NBA stars such as Shaquille O’Neal, Dennis Rodman, and Karl Malone. WWE could capitalize on Green’s media attention to boost ratings for their shows.

Potential Interest from WWE and Implications for Green’s Future

While it is uncertain whether WWE will pursue an opportunity with Draymond Green, his suspension from the NBA opens up the possibility for him to explore other ventures, such as professional wrestling. WWE may see value in bringing Green on board as a crossover star, leveraging his controversial image to attract viewers and generate media attention.

Even if WWE does not intend for Green to participate in physical matches, simply having him appear on their television shows could provide a significant ratings boost as fans are eager to see how this situation unfolds.

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