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Thunder Rosa déçue par la réaction des fans au retour de CM Punk à la WWE

Thunder Rosa On Fan Disappointment With CM Punk's WWE Return Promo

Thunder Rosa Shares her Thoughts on CM Punk’s Return Promo

Thunder Rosa recently discussed CM Punk’s return promo from last week’s WWE Raw on Busted Open Radio, receiving a mixed reaction from fans. The promo, which closed out Monday’s episode, has sparked polarizing opinions among fans online.

Mixed Reactions to the Promo

Rosa acknowledged that many fans were disappointed and upset by Punk’s promo, as they were expecting a more aggressive and confrontational approach. Some fans anticipated Punk to critique everything and express anger, but instead, he appeared sincere about his feelings. He expressed gratitude for the second opportunity in his new home and emphasized his desire to move on from past regrets. Rosa believes that fans need to understand and accept Punk’s intention to focus on the present and future, rather than dwell on the past.

Rosa highlighted that Punk’s intent was to shift the focus away from the past and onto the present and future. He emphasized his determination to move on and not dwell on past incidents, signaling a fresh start in his career.

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